Yoshitomo Nara at Blum & Poe

Yoshitomo Nara at Blum & Poe


Platinum Cheese is an art blog that connects its readers to the constant flow of innovation in the art world by showcasing the latest and most groundbreaking art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries. Covering everything that the art scene has to offer, Platinum Cheese is dedicated to creating a dialogue between artist and audience by both contributing and sharing insight into some of the most unique voices within the New Contemporary Art movement. The pages of Platinum Cheese are brimming with in-depth artist interviews,art show recaps, art reviews, and a plethora of street art findings, all accompanied by vibrant photos that capture the essence of any given event. This site is run for those who have an insatiable desire to consume the creative palettes of such artists as: Retna, Herakut, The Date Farmers, Cleon Peterson, Laurie Lipton, Souther Salazar, and James Jean.

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